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Wyoming Chapter NECA
Safety Programs

Electrical contractors relate safety procedures directly to productivity. NECA
maintains an active safety program dedicated to providing electrical contractors
with the resources they need to keep the employees safe and protected while on
the job. Such resources include printed guides,videos, pocket-sized manuals, and
CD-ROMS on enacting effective safe-work procedures, training their employees
on safety, tracking safety procedures, and complying with rules established by
the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and similar
authorities. The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guide, one of NECA’s
most popular recent publications, relates to the protective equipment specified
for electrical work in the updated NFPA 70E standard and details the exact
safety gear necessary for specific electrical jobs. All of NECA’s safety resources
can be found in the NECA Store,

In its role as industry watchdog and advocate, NECA is also very active with
OSHA, Congress, and the federal government on issues related of both
proposed and existing regulations and legislation pertaining to workplace safety.
Members are kept informed of issues and changes in safety rules.