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Wyoming Chapter NECA
Labor Relations at NECA

Trust and cooperation are essential ingredients in a productive and profitable
working relationship between employer and employee. NECA’s national office,
chapters, and member contractors have long practiced constructive and
responsible labor relations in concert with the International Brotherhood of
Electrical Workers (IBEW), the world’s oldest and largest union of electrical

Assistance with labor relations is not the only service NECA offers members,
but it is one of the most valued, NECA and the IBEW have developed a
productive relationship over many decades. NECA works to ensure that all
levels of the association, its members, their supervisory personnel, and the
international and local unions provide the highest standard of productivity in
order that members may compete profitable and that the public will make use of
the services of skilled electrical craftsmen employed by qualified contractors.

Peaceful approaches to the settlement of grievances and avoiding strikes, work
stoppages and jurisdictional disputes are implemented at NECA’s national and
local levels. The labor relations office at NECA’s national headquarters works
closely with the IBEW business managers to develop mutually acceptable
national labor agreement language. NECA’s national labor relations staff also
advises chapters on matters affecting their local labor negotiations and practices.

On the local level, NECA chapters act as multi-employer bargaining agents with
their corresponding unions and cooperate with their local IBEW business
managers to develop local labor contracts that enhance labor=-management
rapport. Field representative from NECA’s regional offices help expedite the
process in their role as non-stakeholder negotiators and mediators.

Ensuring fair wages and benefits for skilled electrical workers services the best
interests of the industry. NECA chapters work with their corresponding IBEW
locals to see that all employees have access to competitive health and welfare
benefits under the provisions of their collectively bargained labor agreements.
Beyond these benefits, IBEW members and other workers employed by NECA
contractors rely on one of the best and biggest union pension plans in North
America. Excellent wages and benefits help attract highly qualified workers to
our industry.

Cooperative programs for the good of the industry are an essential aspect of the
relationship between NECA and the IBEW. NECA supports several of joint
programs and initiatives with the IBEW, including the Council on Industrial
Relations, apprentice and journeyman training, and industry awareness initiatives.